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Fresh Levantine Cuisine

under the Marrakesh sun

The SHAMS restaurant, located on the garden terrace of the Le Monde des Arts de la Parure museum in Marrakech, offers a unique culinary experience featuring Levantine and Mediterranean cuisine.
The restaurant's atmosphere is warm and friendly, with a modern, elegant decor that blends perfectly with the verdant setting of the gardens and surrounding mythical monuments. Tables are arranged to offer panoramic views of the surroundings, creating a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.
On the menu, you'll find a variety of delicious traditional dishes such as trio of hummus, Lebanese tabbouleh, baba ghannouj, to main courses like bagel burgers with meat or chicken. The dessert menu offers an unprecedented variety of sweet flavors. Vegetarian dishes are also available, offering a wide variety to satisfy every palate.
The SHAMS focuses on the freshness and quality of ingredients, as well as the aesthetic presentation of dishes. The attentive and professional staff will be happy to guide you through the menu and recommend the best fruit cocktails to match your meal. Throughout the day, whether you're looking for a leisurely al fresco lunch or just a Virgin Mojito, SHAMS offers an unforgettable taste and visual experience in an exceptional setting.